Learn how to choose the best transporter tractor for the reality of you business!

best tractor cover
Choosing the best transporter tractor for your business. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

In this article you will see how to choose the best transporter tractor for your business. Let’s go? 

Moldemaq conveyor line.
Line of Moldemaq conveyors in sequence. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

First of all, as you may already know, agribusiness has been one of the drivers of the Brazilian economy in recent years, even in the face of the crisis generated by the coronavirus. 

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, the sector’s trade balance registered a record value in the month of August, with an export value of US$10.90 billion, number 26.7% greater than the US$8.60 billion of the same month of 2020. 

However, other sectors, such as civil construction itself, also experienced significant growth , of 13.1% in the 2nd quarter of 2021 alone, compared to the same period last year, showing a recovery in the post-pandemic sector. 

In other words, all this impulse leads many producers and entrepreneurs to invest more and more in machines, implements and transport tractors that meet their demands.  

In this sense, it is at the time of acquisition of these machines that some doubts arise. After all, depending on your niche, you may or may not make the right choice . To help you with this choice, we will list some sectors with our transporters and give you tips on which is best for each situation. Check out! 

What is the best transporter tractor for construction work?

A quality construction involves not only trained professionals, but also the use of equipment and machines that make the work possible in a safe and fast way . Therefore, each job requires a different type of machine, always varying according to the soil being worked on, the size of the job and other needs.  

Moldemaq TM2200 Conveyor
Moldemaq TM2200 Conveyor. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

But in this case, all four of our 4×4 transporters can be very well employed in the tasks to be carried out during any construction.  


The best cost-effective option for medium-sized works where it is necessary to transport loads of up to 1,200 kg. This transporter has four-wheel drive and a 12.5hp Toyama 1-cylinder engine with articulated chassis and hydraulic steering. 

Image of the 4x4 Transporter TAM1200 Moldemaq
Transporter 4×4 TAM1200. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)


Ideal for medium to large-sized works, especially those with rough and steep terrain . It has a load capacity of 1,500 kg, reinforced differential made in-house and a 22.2 hp 3-cylinder diesel engine.

Image of the 4x4 Transporter TAM1500 Moldemaq
Transporter 4×4 TAM1500 Moldemaq. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)


Image of the 4x4 Transporter TAM2200R Moldemaq
Transporter 4×4 TAM2200R Moldemaq. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

The TM2200R has been widely used in civil construction due to its power , mainly for large works in the initial stage that receive clay trucks at all times, which in turn end up leaving the ground passable only by vehicles with robust and efficient 4×4 traction. . 

It was developed for heavy work, but important factors such as ergonomics and comfort were not left out. These are important details for the operator, who spends most of his time handling the equipment.

For technical specifications, click here .  


Image transporter 4x4 TM3000 Moldemaq
4×4 Conveyor TM3000 Moldemaq. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

Modern design, power and large load capacity .  

With the strongest engine in its category, a load capacity of 3 tons and an articulated chassis system, the TM3000R is ideal for medium and large jobs. 

It is the perfect transporter tractor to increase productivity on the construction site, being able to load various recurrent construction tools, such as materials, equipment, earth, bricks, etc.

In general, the entire TM line will contribute to a more efficient job, with more comfort for the operator and less physical wear and tear.   

Bulk transport: which conveyor model is ideal for the activity? 

If you are an agricultural producer of corn, soy, coffee, wheat, beans or any other bulk commodity, we have the ideal solution for your day to day. 

Bodywork with tipping system
Bodywork with tilting system. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

We developed a special overcap to meet the great demand of this sector, with several details that help a lot in the day to day harvesting. One of these details is the height, which can be purchased from 40cm to 80cm higher than the standard body that comes with all models in the TM line, precisely to provide even more load capacity for the grains. Another item is the rear cover with an adjustable tilting system , which can open both from the bottom and from the top, ideal for this type of cultivation.

Moldemaq Conveyor adjustable rear cover
Rear lid with adjustable tilting system. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

It is important to emphasize that our entire TM line can be used for this purpose, leaving it up to you to choose which load capacity and model best suit your business. 

What is the best transporter for small farms and farms? 

Looking to increase the production of your farm, farm or small farm ? Then we have the ideal transporter for you. 


Transporter TAM1200 Moldemaq
The transporter with the best cost-benefit ratio, TAM 1200. (Image: Moldemaq Máquinas)

You probably read about the advantages of purchasing the TAM1200 above when we talked about building construction. You must have also noticed that it is our best cost-effective transporter , because we developed it to replace the microtractor with a trailer, which is more dangerous to handle due to the control handles.

In other words, the TAM1200 is a smaller, more agile and compact conveyor, with low maintenance costs and which guarantees all the comfort and safety that all other models in the TM line have. With it, it is possible to assist in the handling and transport of inputs for the maintenance of the property with a load capacity of 1.2 tons.  

All of this with an articulated chassis, self-made reinforced differential, hydrostatic steering (hydraulic steering applied to low-speed vehicles), the most robust 4×4 traction in the category and low fuel consumption. 

See below some details that make it a transporter small in size and giant in robustness. 

  • Power of 12.5CV;
  • Synchronized gearbox with 5 gears and reverse
  • reinforced differential
  • low fuel consumption
  • Hydrostatic / Articulated steering
  • Body 1.20m x 2.39m x 0.32m
Moldemaq TAM 1200 transporter.
Moldemaq TAM 1200 conveyor. (Image: Moldemaq Machines)

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the entire TM line was developed to face steep and irregular terrain, where only vehicles with high 4×4 traction power can access. It’s more productivity with efficiency for your company to go even further! 

So, did you like our article? Comment if any questions have arisen .


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